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Tippmann 98 Custom Basic ACT Paintball Gun

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The Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun is the oldest gun on the market. It is the most durable, the most reliable gun in paintball. If you look back at the 98 custom 2 years ago, 5 years ago and 10 years ago you will notice very little difference. That is because it just works. It has proven itself and has stood the test of time. The 98 Custom is so durable and reliable that it is the #1 choice of fields for their rentals. One of the great features with all Tippmann guns is the ease of upgrading and customizing. Everyone wants their own unique look and feel. The 98 Custom has a vast variety of upgrades, both esthetically and performance enhancement. Almost everyone of these upgrades is something that you can install yourself easily. No need to pay a technician extra money if you don't want too. Stocks, sights, barrels, electronic grips and so on... the list is very extensive.

We recommend the Tippmann 98 for almost any player. The cost is low enough that even the occasional player can justify. The performance overall is really good. It blows everything away, both in its class and those way above, when it comes to durability and reliability. As far as accuracy and rate of fire, it is average for guns in its category and obviously not going to be as fast or accurate as an electronic pneumatic gun but those cost 2-5 times as much.

Attention Beginner Paintball Players: We highly recommend the 98 Custom for you! You will completely enjoy this marker. Besides all the positives above, It is extremely easy to maintain and clean. And it is fool proof for even the most technically challenged. Short of filling it with glue, there really isn't much you can do that will break this gun. You can use the Tippmann 98 with compressed air, nitrogen or CO2!


  • ACT - Anti Chop Technology helps reduce chopping of paintballs
  • Split Design makes maintenance, cleaning and upgrading extremely easy
  • Easy Power Tube Removal (the main functioning component) allows for quick oiling and maintenance
  • Picatinny Rails allow for adding sights, grips and other accessories
  • Vertical Front Grip for control and stability when firing the gun
  • End Cap Mount so you can easily add a sling

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