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Speedball Guns

Posted by on 11/11/2016 to Guns

Like anything in paintball, there is a long list of products available for you to choose from.  Though there are always exceptions, speedball guns can generally provide you with more adjustability than your standard markers due to the requirements of speedball tournaments.  Most of today's speedball markers are electro-pneumatic in design and require compressed air tanks over CO2. The electro-pneumatic designs allow for lighter trigger pulls and much faster rates of fire (walking the trigger) compared to mechanical markers. A key feature that is often incorporated into the design would be laser eye systems which can sense if there is something in the breach, only allowing the marker to fire once a paintball has properly fallen into place. Laser eyes help reduce the amount of paintballs broken in the marker and keeps you on the field longer.  Technology in speedball markers are always advancing, providing you with new guns on the market every year that continue to become more consistent, accurate, and reliable.

Cost effectiveness is an aspect that many paintball manufacturers have been implementing for the past few years. Even the lower costing markers include features that only used to come in the higher end models.  In the lower end of the price spectrum, a few markers to mention would be the Empire Mini GS, Dye Rize, and Dye Rize Maxxed. All of those markers are below the $400 mark and can have you ready for a tournament while still being mindful of cost.

The mid range markers tend to be a fan favorite because you get nearly the same aspects out of the gun as you would with the high ends. The most popular markers in this range will be the Empire Axe, Empire Axe Pro, Shocker RSX, Planet Eclipse ETek 5, Planet Eclipse GTek, and the Planet Eclipse GTek 160r.  All of these markers are going to be within the $400-$800 range and include a few of the bells and whistles you may be looking for in the high price range.

Last and of course not least, the high end paintball markers priced at about $1000 and higher. These markers are the top of the line. Anything in this bracket will give you the absolute best performance and you will see that as soon as you fire it up.  High-end paintball markers are apart from everything else in the sense that you can feel the quality of engineering. These paintball guns will usually have much more color availability and will have no need for any upgrades.  Some markers to mention in this bracket would be the Planet Eclipse LV1.1, Planet Eclipse CS1, Dye M2, and the Empire Vanquish 2.

At the end of the day, each player needs to find what marker suits their individual needs best. Doing so will allow you to make the most effective purchase based on your needs as a paintball player.

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