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Paintball Tanks

Paintball  Tank are what actually powers your paintball gun. There are two different kinds of paintball tanks.  Co2 Tanks and Compressed Air Tanks.  Below is some basic info for both.  

CO2 Tanks

CO2 is an industrial gas, in liquid form, that expands to a gas. CO2 tanks are what most people start with as they are easy on the wallet. CO2 tanks work well in normal temperatures. However, CO2 is affected by temperature and you could experience some issues in extreme heat or cold. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it could happen. We stock a variety of CO2 tanks sizes!

Compressed Air Paintball Tank

 This is an air tank that is filled with compressed air, or nitrogen. These yield a much higher performance and better consistency. Paintball Compressed Air Tanks are required for some of the mid-range to high end paintball guns. If you are not sure if your paintball gun requires compressed air, or can use CO2 please call us to find out!

Please always refer to your paintball gun owner's manual for recommendations on tanks.  Some guns require a Compressed Air Tank.