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Paintball Hoppers

We stock all the latest in paintball hopper technology, from your basic gravity fed paintball hoppers, to your high end Empire Halo Too hoppers! There are three kinds of loaders. Gravity fed, in which paintball are held in the paintball hopper and just fall down an opening into the paintball gun. The 2nd is motorized. These hopper are similar to gravity fed, as in, once the paintball enters the neck of the hopper it relies on gravity to fall into the paintball gun. The difference is, there is some kind of paddle or arm that spins and helps keep the paintballs falling into the neck quickly. The 3rd is force fed. This is the best paintball hopper out. There are a few different kinds, the Dye Rotor, the Halo Hopper, Halo Too and so on. These hoppers apply force to the paintball and force them down the neck of the hopper and into the paintball gun. They are capable of reaching very high rates of fire!

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Dye Rotor R2 Paintball Loader
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TFX Paintball Hopper
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