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TFX Paintball Hopper

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  • 216 Round Capacity
  • Zero Gravity Lift Tray
  • Anti Jam Feeding
  • Reball Capable
  • Hyperlock Tool Less Maintenance
  • 22+ Average Balls Per Second (BPS)
  • Water Resistant Electronics
  • Weight w/Batteries - 17.03 oz
  • Battery Life - 30,000+ Ball Count

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The HK Army TFX Paintball Hopper is a product of years of research and development.  It is safe to assume it would adhere to the quality and performance we have come to expect from HK Army.

HK’s Swoop Stack activates after each ball is shot, keeping a continuous flow of paintballs into your gun. It is equipped with anti jam technology that will keep your hopper and its feeding consistent and reliable even in higher rates of fire.

A Zero Gravity Lift tray allows for a larger volume of paintballs, while keeping the profile small and compact. The tray is spring driven and elevates as the hopper begins to empty, keeping paintballs at the feed drive system.  It can hold 216 paintballs.

The Shell is made of high grade impact resistant material which will withstand abuse during the game. A quick like button allows for fast and easy changing of lids from stock to the HK Army Speed Feed (sold separately). The main electronics are covered with a water-resistant material adding another layer of protection from the elements!

It is completely tool less. The Shell, tray and swoop stack can be completely disassembled and reassembled without any tools. That makes it extremely easy to clean and give easy access to the batteries (2AA).