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HK Army KLR Mask

Posted by Administrator on 11/19/2014 to Masks

The new HK Army KLR mask takes on your typical stylish designs from their previous designs and fused them with a goggle system that is safe, as well. The mask is composed of a blend of thermoplastic elastomer that is designed to protect the user’s face at all critical areas, while still promoting supreme breathability and freedom of movement. With different molding inserts available, the HK KLR can be customized to fit any player’s need.

The HK Army mask is the first to incorporate a lens retention system that is called the PVTLock. Their PVTLock system allows for the user to change through lenses in a matter of seconds. It’s ease of usability is featured by large, swiveling hinges that enables the users to quickly customize their mask’s look. This system is offered in a variety of colors so that the user may create a style that is unique to their specific taste.

HK Army also created the KLR Pure Lens system, which is composed of virgin optical-grade GE polycarbonate – inherently UVA/UVB and IR Shielded, allowing the lens to serve as a shield for your eyes from dangerous sunlight rays, protecting you in more aspects than you may even realize. The interior thermal lens is applied with 3m Foam Sealant, eliminating any condensation and encourages evaporation, making your lens less likely to fog.

Any part of this mask is customizable to create a mask that is unlike any other. Several styles are offered directly from the manufacturer, but individual pieces may be purchased such as custom straps, different lens options, frames, and bottoms. Easily one of the most customizable and comfortable goggle systems on the market, the HK Army KLR mask is sure to please any level of paintball player.

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HK Army KLR Paintball Mask

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