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Dye I5 Mask

Posted by on 9/14/2016 to Masks
Dye recently released a teaser to their new Dye i5 mask.  Rumors have swirled for some time that Dye was working on a new version of the Google.  The last few years have only seen pattern and color changes.  Dye i4 is their high end tournament mask, that most tournament players want.  The one and only complaint with the i4 was its size.  It has a smaller profile, which tends to leave some chins, jaws and foreheads exposed depending on the player and the size an shape of their head.  This may be one of the changes we see. With World Cup fast approaching we may get to see them very soon.

UPDATE: Dye has released information and a estimated shipment date! View all the info at Dye i5 Paintball Mask

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