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Dye I4 Paintball Mask Review

Posted by Administrator on 3/29/2014

Dye I4 Mask Review

The Dye i4 mask was designed to enhance every player’s game with a light and tight design. First notes upon putting the mask on are that the foam is very comfortable and there is a large, unrestricted area of view. The breathability is where it should be, it won’t leave you gasping for your last breath after running down the field. The complaint on this Dye mask is the coverage, and if that is something that makes you uncomfortable then definitely try it on before buying because it is a performance mask that fits 90% of players, but leaves better options for the few with larger faces. If you are generally in the 90% and have already fallen in love with this mask then start thinking of which color you want your dye i4 mask to come in because it is available in every color you could imagine, and designs you wish you had imagined before; there are also the classic lens styles available as well as new ones that seem to be inspired by Dye Snow bringing a fresh new look to Dye goggles. The Dye I4 mask is a winner and is still a top choice for the coming 2014 season.

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