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Dye Dam Review

Posted by Administrator on 2/6/2014 to Gun Reviews

The Dye Dam is an extremely refined scenario marker with a massive amount of features. It was introduced at PSP World Cup 2012 with Dye’s Dye Tactical line of gear, and it is holding to the high expectations it was given. Finally, the paintball world was given a high end marker that is mag-fed and can use first strike rounds.

Before we even get to the tacticool exterior, let’s start with the inside that operates the Dye Dam. It is a spool valve marker that uses a bolt system similar to Dye Precision’s Matrix Fuse Bolt system, making it extremely smooth and quiet when firing. The Dye Dam also has a Quick Release Bolt system that uses magnets and a knurled back cap to extend the back cap enough allowing you to take it off by hand, rather than forcing you to find an allen key to unscrew it. It is of course electric with buttons just above the trigger frame allowing you to change the modes to shoot in semi-auto, 3-round burst or fully automatic with just the push of a button, or whichever mode you would like to set it to; you are able to change modes mid-game as you please. There is also a tournament lock for the times when firing modes must be restricted. The Dye standard Eye-Pipe system is used, giving it yet another high end feature off of the Matrix line; chopping balls is the last thing any player wants to do in the middle of a game. Also stolen from the Matrix line is the well-known Hyper regulator, but designed into the Dye Dam itself.

Now onto the parts that everyone is oogling over. The Dye Dam uses a magazine system that can be changed from magazine to hopper fed in the flip of a switch. The “On The Fly” switch allows you to choose the marker to fire from the magazine or the hopper, so it is possible to carry first strike rounds and regular paintballs at the same time. The feed neck is also removable allowing you to only use the magazine. The magazines flip in order to carry more rounds, and are available in 10 and 20 rounds (giving you 20 or 40 rounds per magazine). As of the 2013 PSP World Cup, there is now also a Dye Box Rotor magazine available that will hold 325 paintballs, with the reliability and extreme speeds of a regular Dye Rotor loader. Another sweet hidden feature is in the stock of the Dye Dam, which is a little compartment that holds small tools that are essential and very convenient to have at all times.

The other hardware like the shroud and stock are also customizable. With a shorter shroud and Ultra-Light stocks available the ultimate CQB set up could be made; the stock could also be left entirely off. The Dye Dam does not use any macro-line either, giving it an ultra-clean look and takes away the issue of line getting in the way of the magazine well. Dye Precision also offers sights that look great on the two feet of available picatinny rails, which are also removable from the aluminum body. The older players can appreciate the Dye Sticky Grips, also known as the most comfortable grip in paintball.

Past the specs, let’s get to the on-field topic. THIS MARKER IS AWESOME. Hands down, there is nothing like it. Any open or scenario player will love this gun; tournament players will too, but this is one to keep off the x-ball field. Playing for hours on end at a big-game is pure joy. Utilizing First Strike Rounds to get that far away shot no one else can, and then switching to full auto to mow down that crowd of charging people; there is nothing that compares. Once you’re able to dump mags from this marker, you will understand and agree completely. The Dye Dam brings the day of play up to a new level.

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