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Speedball Guns

Posted by on 11/11/2016 to Guns
Speedball guns...what are they?  Being new or newer to paintball has its challenges.  The amount of equipment, cost, performance can all be very intimidating.  One common term we hear often from new/er player is "Speedball."  They want to know what it is, and know they want it... since thats what what they hear others talk about.  Well the definition is vague.  Speedball simply refers to any gun that can be used on a speedball field.  Common traits are smaller, more maneuverable, higher rates of fire and generally better performance.  Find out more and check out some examples here!

Which Paintball Mask should I buy?

Posted by on 10/26/2016 to Masks
Paintball Masks come in all sizes, shapes and prices ranges. With such a large selection to choose from, picking the right one typically goes one of two ways for someone unfamiliar with what they want.  First, they could care less and buy the cheapest or coolest looking mask.  Second, some stress over the mask, which is best bang for you buck, and which is safest, after all they will protect your eyes.

Which paintball gun shoots the hardest?

Posted by on 10/19/2016 to Guns
I know it seems simple to some of us... but we get asked this question all the time.  "Which Paintball Gun shoots the hardest?"  The answer: They are all equal assuming the velocity is the same.

Dye I5 Mask

Posted by on 9/14/2016 to Masks
Dye releases teaser for new Dye i5 Paintball Mask!

Empire Vision System EVS Paintball Goggle

Posted by on 1/7/2016 to Masks
Information on one of the most advanced paintball goggle systems is released at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

Posted by Administrator on 9/24/2015 to Gun Reviews

Planet Eclipse gets ready to release their newest addition the the Geo line of paintball guns!

Ninja Superlite Paintball Tanks

Posted by Administrator on 11/26/2014 to Paintball Tanks

Ninja Paintball introduced a new tank this year that is a huge upgrade to an already great, air system.

HK Army KLR Mask

Posted by Administrator on 11/19/2014 to Masks

The HK Army KLR Google has been released. As one of the most customizable paintball masks on the market, you can bet these will be extremely popular!

Gog Enmey Paintball Gun Review

Posted by Administrator on 8/11/2014
Gog Enmey Paintball Gun Review

Nuketown Paintball Field

Posted by Administrator on 7/25/2014

Are you a fan of the Call of Duty video games? Our Nuketown Paintball is a 1:1 replica field is guaranteed to be a unique experience for any level of paintballer.

Benifit to Buying used paintball guns

Posted by Administrator on 7/24/2014

When buying anything, many people tend to be weary when the word “used” comes up. Like buying a car, always be sure to do your research and gather as much of the previous history as possible, potentially saving you from any issues down the road. Once that is done, purchasing used paintball guns can actually be a very smart choice.

Dye I4 Paintball Mask Review

Posted by Administrator on 3/29/2014

What is the best paintball gun?

Posted by Administrator on 2/19/2014

Dye Dam Review

Posted by Administrator on 2/6/2014 to Gun Reviews