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Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

Posted by Administrator on 9/24/2015 to Gun Reviews

Years in the making. Thousands of hours in design and testing. The Eclipse GEO CS1 signals the dawn of a new era for the GEO line of markers.

A panoptic approach was taken to design and development, to not just create a revised version of the GEO platform, but to start from the ground up with every single element scrutinised and re-developed.

Each small tweak brings an improved level of performance and consistency. Each major re-design and technological advancement brings a huge leap forward for the platform.

The CS1 looks, feels and performs like a completely new marker, because in essence it is. But the heritage of the GEO platform brings a level of familiarity, stability and trust that will continue to dominate the sport at every level.

Exclusive CS1 features:

+ 2 x AA battery power source
+ Tool-less battery replacement
+ Tool-less BS cover and detent removal
+ Tool-less drivetrain removal
+ 2-piece wraparound grips
+ 1-piece contoured foregrip/battery cover
+ Hose-less air transfer system
+ Wire-free body-to-frame electronic interface
+ Adjustable bolt speed control
+ 115psi operating pressure
+ IVCore drivetrain with increased internal volume and lower operating pressure
+ Open source trigger shoe to allow custom trigger profiles
+ Full size HPR accepts low, medium or high pressure tanks
+ Shaft5 barrel with Shaft Pro tip

Embrace the Power of One.



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