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Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R Paintball Gun

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The highly raved about Planet Eclipse Gtek, released in 2015 just got another make over. Planet Eclipse never ceases to impress with the upgrades made on the Gtek 160r. Similar to the concept of previous “LT(plastic accents)” and “AM(All Metal)” models on the Etek 3 and 4 models, the Gtek 160R gets all metal parts along with a few other bells in whistles found on high end models. 

All metal construction gives less flexibility and a more rigid frame. The metal feed neck and frame make the gun more stable and gives an incredibly natural feel in the hands. Another noticeable difference you’ll notice in the frame area is the usage of an air transfer tube rather than macroline, very similar to what you would see on the LV1 and Geo platforms. Also on the frame, you’ll notice that the ASA is more similar to the OOPS design rather than the one included with the standard Gtek, giving the marker a better flow of design. Probably the most noticeable difference you have heard of would be the included high-resolution OLED interface, making it simple to navigate through the settings of your marker without having to count flashes and worry about different colors on the previous LED board.


  • Quick Release Bolt Setup for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • GTEK 160R is a Spool Valve Design
  • Low operation pressure, only 135psi
  • Comes with ST1 Bolt
  • Light Micro switch for a quick trigger pull
  • Adjustable trigger to customizing feel, 4 points of adjustment
  • Trigger pivot
  • Break Beam Ball Sensor
  • OLED Display
  • SL4 Inline Regulator

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