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Gog Enmey Paintball Gun Review

Posted by Administrator on 8/11/2014

Whether you are looking for your first paintball marker or looking to upgrade from a previous marker, the Gog Enmey is a first option to many.  Based off of previous designs from a company named Smart Parts, Gog Paintball is a renowned company with newer and more efficient innovations in comparison to their predecessors.  As a sub $200 marker, the Gog Enmey offers much more than just its sleek design.  The Enmey offers spool valve smoothness at an entry level price point.  With no hammer, batteries, or a mainspring, it is nearly unheard of for a pneumatic marker to be so advanced yet so simple.  As far as maintenance goes, the Gog Enmey features a bolt out back design and low bolt pressure anti-chop technology.  The low bolt pressure anti-chop technology allows for the marker to be super soft on paint, reducing your chances of breaking paint in the breech.  With the bolt out back design, the bolt can easily be maintained with the use of one allen key and the included GR33SE Lubricant designed specifically for these markers.  Gog Paintball made the marker with simplicity in mind to be a perfect fit for any new player in the market for reliability and performance.

Gog Enmey Paintball Gun

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