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Gog eNMy Blue
Gog eNMy Blue

GoG eNMEy Paintball Gun

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The GoG Enmy is an entry level spool valve paintball gun. It is perfect for a beginner recreation player, or someone looking to get into paintball tournaments. The low price with high performance makes it a very attractive option. Gog paintball has experience in making very high end, tournament paintball guns. A few years ago, they released the Enmy to get to a lower price point. The main difference between the Enmy and its high end siblings is obviously a little bit of performance, but most noticeably is the look. The Enmy is and aluminum sleeve with a nylon/fiber composite cover around it. It makes it light, and is very durable, however it does not have the fine milling or fancy anodizing as its higher end siblings. It can function on both CO2 and Compressed air.


  • Vertical Regulator: Regulator the air, or CO2 to a consistent pressure, making velocity more consistent and increasing the performance and accuracy of the marker
  • Accepts both CO2 and Compressed, great for those looking to upgrade without having to invest a ton of money like high end paintball guns that require high pressure air.
  • New HD Valve: Redesigned to be more durable. It has one single moving part and allows for a very short and light trigger pull.
  • No Batteries Needed

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