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Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse Paintball has been a leader in high end paintball guns for years. Since their inception, Eclipse Paintball has produced only the highest gear on the market. Their Planet Eclipse Ego and The Planet Eclipse Geo are some of the best performing paintball guns on the market. Over the years the Planet Eclipse Ego has been modified, upgraded, and improved upon. The most recent, the Planet Eclipse Ego LV1& the Planet Eclipse LV1.1 are some of the most popular paintball guns among those with high end guns. The Planet Elcipse Geo line brings high perforce to a spool valve design. It is fast, quiet and gentle on paint. The Geo has proven itself time and time again. The latest addition to the Geo line is the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1. It is a overhaul to the Geo and with Planet Eclipse's proven track record with be among the top performers.

Besides the advancements to Planet Eclipse Ego that produced the Ego 11 and Planet Eclipse LV1, Eclipse paintball has also broken into the mid-ranged market. The past few years have seen the release of the Etek paintball line and more recently the Etha Paintball Gun.
The Etek paintball gun is a dub-down version of the Planet Eclipse Ego. Slightly bigger and heavier it still retains the general shape and appearance. Obviously it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of an Ego LV1 but for the price point the Etek markers are a very attractive option. The Etha Paintball gun is a dub-down version of the Eclipse Geo. Again, the performance is the same, but for the money you spend these two guns are great options.

No matter your budget, or performance needs, Eclipse Paintball has something for you. Order your Ego LV1.1, Geo CS1 , Etek, or Etha paintball guns now!

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Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R Paintball Gun
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Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Paintball Gun
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Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun
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Eclipse Emek 100 Paintball Gun
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