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Dye i5 Storm
Dye i5 Storm

Dye i5 Paintball Mask

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The Dye i5 paintball mask latest from Dye Technology. Based off of the i4 mask, the i5 will be a leader in performance, and quality. The i5 paintball mask is slick and lean while providing protection for players at all levels. The only complaint on the i4 mask was the size, it was small and did not fully cover all player's chins and foreheads. The i5 seems to change that, quoting that it will offer more protection with out sacraficing weight and comfort.


Weight: It is extremely light, probably the lightest mask on the market. While it might not seem that important, when you add up all the weight from all the gear you are carrying on the field, shedding a few onces here and there makes a huge difference.

Communication: Venting all over the mask, in all different directions allow for better communication. Have a mask in front of your mouth, and the mask and foam around your ears makes communication with your teammates difficult. Angling venting in all directions allows for sound to easily flow in and out with reducing the amount of "muffling" that other paintball mask do. The i5 also has a patent pending "Sound Catch" system. The ear pieces have precision measure holes that allow sound to easy be heard.

Vision: The i5 mask uses the same lens as the i4. This is great for 2 main reasons. The first is performance, the i4 lens offers the largest peripheral view out of any lens. It is a thermal lens that greatly reduces fogging and the visibility is amazing. The second is ease of upgrade and replacement. Since it uses the i4 lens, replacement/additional lens can be purchased at almost anywhere.

Comfort: It is form fitting and distributes weight and impacts evenly. Dye engineered it to be comfortable for players with all kinds of face/head sizes. A multi-layer foam, with a fleece layer provide a feeling of ultimate comfort. Going back to the venting, venting in all directions quickly reduces heat away from you and keeps your cool!

Quick Change Lens: The lens can be changed in a matter of second. Pinch a retention clip, slide it forward and the lens is free.

Gear Locking Strap: Completely new in paintball, the i5 will have a gear locking system with a wider head strap providing a more secure fit, while distributing the tension for added comfort. Just a turn of the gear and the strap tightens!

eVoke System Capability: The evoke paintball system is a wireless blue-tooth system that connects your M2 paintball gun to your mask. Have vital information and times delivered to you audible through the system. A huge leap in technology. The system is plug and play!

Tool-less Foam: The foam on the mask uses a tool-less secure system. It is not glued like others.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ONLY - Estimated time of arrival at our facility is Mid October.  Soon as we receive them we will ship them.  We will keep you updated as to the expected date of arrival as it is made available to us.

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